Welcome to Yoga Satsanga Ashram UK

Yoga Satsanga Ashram is an Eco Friendly Yoga Teacher Training School and Yoga Retreat Centre based in West Wales, UK. We use a Biomass Boiler as our heating system and solar panels for electricity to keep us warm and run day to day electric appliances. Click here to read more about sustainable energy at Ashram.

Yoga Satsanga Ashramyoga in west wales offers regular residential 500hrs yoga teacher training course, 200hrs yoga teacher training, yoga teacher training in pregnancy yoga, yoga teacher training in children’s yoga,  yoga classes, yoga retreats, yoga detox.


Yogachariya Jnandev - founder of Yoga Satsanga Ashram, UK

Yogachariya Jnandev – founder of Yoga Satsanga Ashram, UK


Our view from the yoga hall

Our view from the yoga hall

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training, West Wales

Our 200hrs yoga teacher training, in west Wales at the ashram, provides residential intensive ashram style yoga teacher training and sadhana opportunities for serious and sincere yoga students. We run 2 yoga teacher training courses from the ashram, one starts in April and one in October. Please contact us for more details of click here for more information on Yoga teacher training at ashram.

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Bristol

We started our first Yoga teacher training course in Bristol in 2013, which is coming to its successful completion. We are aiming to start the next YTT Bristol in July 2014. Please contact us for more details of click here for more information and dates- Yoga Teacher Training Bristol

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, West Wales

Recently we have started a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training course certified by yoga alliance UK. This course is based on ICYER international yoga teacher training course and all the research done by our yoga teacher at Ananda Ashram as well as our personal experience. The next course will be held in September. Please contact us or click here for more information- Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, west Wales, UK

500hrs Yoga Teacher Training, West Wales

We are starting our first 500hrs yoga teacher training course at the ashram in October and it will be a yoga alliance UK certified course spread over 18 months. We are still working on the final manuals so please contact us for more details and also to book your space as we will be taking on 3 or 4 students for this intensive  500hrs yoga teacher training course.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, West Wales

This is a 40hrs course designed for kids from 2+yrs. If you are wanting to teach yoga to kids for improving their health and well being this course is for you. The kids yoga teacher training course is for you if you are a school teacher, parent, yoga teacher or have a strong desire to teach yoga to kids. Click on the following link for more details- Kids Yoga Teacher Training, UK

CPD workshops-

We are now also providing CPD workshops as is compulsory for all yoga alliance, UK registered yoga teachers. We are holding two CPD workshops each month. Please contact us for more information, dates and subjects of upcoming months CPD workshops.  

Yoga Weekends-

We hold one yoga weekend each month. All our yoga weekends include a long hatha-yoga session, pranayama and relaxation, and an evening satsanga- a discussion on various aspects of yoga in daily life with all veg or vegan meals.  Click here for more details on yoga weekends at yoga satsanga ashram.

Yoga is a way of life, a way of integrating your whole nature, so that all aspects of your life work in harmony, one with another.  Yoga is the science of achieving stillness of body, mind, and emotions.   Yoga is union of thought, word and deed.

Yoga is a way of life


Most importantly though, is our attitude to life, that makes our experience different, or allows us to feel happier in life!  Yoga is one of the Indian shat-darshanas, or six ways of viewing the life, therefore each of them is accepted as one of the forms of Hinduism. However, Hinduism, as in many religions in their purest form, i.e. simply the ‘teachings’ is considered a way of life.  Likewise yoga is not considered a religion although it sprung out of ancient Hindu culture; this mistake can be easily made. We must realize that the world and its religions today bear little resemblance to those of ancient civilizations such as ‘Bharata’, mother India is rapidly losing all signs of ancient ritualistic and refined lifestyles.  Yoga believes in oneness and all concepts of duality are simply a default of our mind, as though a veil conceals reality to us due to our unawakened state. In real yoga life there is no conflict of religion, philosophy or science, because all is accepted as correct to the individuals consciousness level and place in the great chain of their evolution.

It is time for people to rethink their understanding of yoga, its actual meanings and importance to humanity. Accepting yoga merely as the materialistic tool for physical control is only one drop of the ocean, yet we are trying to describe the ocean. Yoga is the science of life. Yoga is the science of spirit; it shows us how we can live! Living as opposed to going through life blindly, repeating patterns, allowing our emotions to control us, ‘being unconscious’ in our behavior.  Yoga is aimed to attain self-realization, and conscious evolution of the self. Yoga is the discovering of the relationship to our ‘individual’ soul with the Supreme Soul.

Yoga is highly ethical, as the foundation of yoga life begins with the perfection of five Yamas (control of lower nature). These are simply described : Ahimsa, non-violence; Satya, adherence to the truth; Asteya, non-stealing; Brahmacharya, control of sensuality; Aparigraha, non-greed.

Yoga is also highly intellectual as it gives full play to inquiring the mind. It describes all the obstacles and distractions and gives complete detail to overcome them through the guidance in Pananjali’s Yoga Sutras. The Niyamas (develop our higher nature) are given to deal with the body and mind. These are: Saucha, cleanliness; Santosha, mental serenity; Tapas, discipline and austerities; Swadhyaya, self study; Isvar-prinidhana, surrender to the supreme self.

Yoga is also scientific as is many of its practices, Pranayama’s Mudras, kriyas and prakriyas can be evaluated through scientific experimentation.  It has a vast array of techniques and tools each of which will be useful to the yogi or chela at different points in our ever-changing life.

The person of the world lives to learn – the Yogi learns to live!  The Yogic path in its true spirited form is  not one for the light hearted, truly you come to face to face with yourself and this is the greatest challenge to individuals.  It is said it is easier to move a mountain or control the wind than to control our mind – but it is not impossible, and it is inevitable for each and everyone.