Classical Chakra, Kundalini and Vegan Retreat

Classical Chakra, Kundalini and Vegan Cooking Yoga Retreat  (24th to 26th Feb 2017)

kundalini and vegan retreatChakras  are very well known concept in Yoga world and it fascinates most of us. There are many theories, ideas and myths and mysticism around the idea of chakras and kundalini energy. Here we are going to try to understand the basics of chakras and kundalini, and their role in our personality.

Try to understand if you are going for a journey, it is quite good and helpful to know the plans, routes and what to expect on that journey. The journey of meditation is inner journey. We are going to go on an inner journey in unkown and most complex as well as beautiful experience. We have to go through our physical body, subtle body, and chakras to reach to the goal of Samadhi or Union of Self with the Higher Self.

As we know that in yoga, there are five bodies (pancha-koshas). Here try to simply understand that first body is our physical body (sthula sarira), we all know very well as we can see it, we can touch it, and we can feel it. The second group of bodies is known as Sukhsama Sarira or subtle body. This body is made of vital life forces (prana), our thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences (manas or mind), our karma or deeds and soul or spirit (purusha or atman). Here the Pranic body is most important to understand. All our chakras are based in our Pranic Body and they work as connecting or linking points between pranic and physical body.

In a very simple way, we can think of chakras like those electro-magnetic dynamo, which can produce electricity if it is spun in magnetic field. Our Chakras spin at various speed to transform the subtlest prana into various forms of energy to sustain our psycho-physio-spiritual functions.

Prana is subtlest, vital, eternal energy. Sanskrita term prana is derived from “pra- means which existed before and anu means atom”. Hence it is subtlest electo-magnetic energy at sub-atomic and quantum level.   Great Yogis and Rishis have known about this energy for thousands of year. To protect this energy they always recommended a thick layer of insulation in form of a straw bed, lion or deer skin, thick wool or jute blanket should be used for yoga and meditation sadhana.

This Pranic body just like the electric or magnetic force has positive and negative ions. In Yogic, Vedantic and Tantric traditions it is described that men are dominated with positive prana and women are dominated with negative prana. Positive and Negative energies naturally attracted to each other to complete the energy cycle. Hence men and women naturally feel attracted to each other.

Swamiji Gitananda Giriji mentions the concept of Nara, which means imbalance of Pranic bodies. In a way our physical bodies are merely a tool and even though we might be living a male of female body, our true behave will be defined by the pranic energy and its type in us. If positive prana becomes dominant in a woman, she will behave more like a man and will naturally feel attracted to woman.

This Pranic body holds our body, mind, karma, and soul together. As the soul departs or leaves the body, so does the prana. Most ancient cultures, where they had realized this pranic body, prefer to do the funerals as soon as possible after death, as otherwise prana will still feel attracted to our physical body and this holds the soul from moving on to next life.

Energy from pranic body, gets transformed into various life forces by the Chakras and flows outward into various physical parts of our body as well as mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in us. Once we start meditating, this pranic energy will start flowing back into the pranic body or its source.

To learn more and practice join us for the full retreat weekend on classical chakras, kundalini and vegan cooking or as a day student from 24th to 26th February 2017.

Prices- Full weekend £200 includes food and accomodation

Day 10am to 3pm £50 or 10am to 8pm includes evening meal £70

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