Eco Sustainable Yoga Center, UK

Eco Sustainable Yoga Center, Wales, UK

Eco Sustainable Yoga Center, UK

Eco Sustainable Yoga Center UK

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales, UK is an eco Yoga Centre at Ardwyn Grange, Login, Whitland, Carmarthenshire, it is entirely powered by renewable energy. For the last three years Jnandev and Deepika have strived to refurbish the Centre to have a carbon neutral footprint. 

It was an amazing day when we pulled out the old oil boiler and installed a biomass pellet boiler that now heats the main house, yoga studio, ashram accommodation and dining hall. Some up-cycled double glazed windows have been used at the ashram. Insulation boards, wooden floor and wall cladding with crystal and salt lamps creates high energy savings in our yoga studio. The latest technology of low level skirting heating makes it feel warm and comfortable just as if it has underfloor heating, which we could not install on the first place due to height problems in the old garage we have converted.

A Biomass Boiler works just like an oil or LPG boiler – it burns wood pellets, or logs to heat our water and ashram. It produces just as much heat as we need on much cheaper, carbon-neutral fuel in comparison to an oil or gas boiler.

We also have 4kw solar panels on the ashram roof. We are managing to produce enough electricity for our consumption over the summer months for general use.

In the near future we are looking into installing a wind turbine to produce enough electricity for ashram use during the day as well as the nights to compensate for and compliment the solar panel output.

We have built a hexagonal greenhouse to use the maximum space and create yogic heart chakra energy and to have some healthy, organic produce for our yoga retreats, yoga detoxes and yoga teacher training course weekends; as well as for us too. We used all the recycled windows, doors, and glass units for building this. We also have a little veggie area in our garden to grow some vegetables and fruits. We are adding more and more as we get chance with our helpers along with our three lovely little boys- Siddha, Dev and Krishna.