Children and Teenager Yoga Teacher Training

Children and Teens Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, West Wales is running this kids yoga teacher training course as a residential course for students travelling from a distance and a non-residential course for local students. Yoga Satsanga Ashram is a Yoga Alliance certified school for 500hrs yoga teacher training, 200hrs yoga teacher training. 80hrs pregnancy yoga teacher training and now applying for kids yoga teacher training. We have also recently been approved by British Wheel of Yoga and soon will be running courses certified by BWY.

What does Kids Yoga Teacher Training involve?

Over this kids yoga teacher training modules you will be learning intensive levels of postures, kriyas and formative work to be able to teach yoga to kids from age the of 2+ onwards. There will be 84 postures broken down from  beginners level to very advanced as generally young kids are very flexible and able to do them along with some simple pranayamas and relaxation techniques. There is also some elements of moral science to help kids build a strong and healthy character and personality.

The course will briefly include:
Asanas and pranayamas for kids/teens, relaxation techniques suitable for age groups, psychological and emotional health of children/teens from a yogic perspective, class planning, a physiotherapist will come in and talk over the physiological changes for each age group.
As always we will be coming from the authentic traditional Yogic perspective and draw on Jnandevs extensive teaching of children he did in India when working in schools there teaching Yoga.

Is Kids Yoga Teacher Training for you?

Are you a young parent or grand parent? Are you a school teacher? Do you have an interest in teaching yoga to kids? Would you like to help the younger generation to be healthy and fit? If the answer is YES to any of these then yes this kids yoga teacher training course is for you and it can help you transform your own life as well as all the kids around you. You will be helping improve the quality of their lives through yoga.

How Yoga Can help Kids?

Our Aim through yoga is help our younger generation to be STRONG, FLEXIBLE, STABLE, FOCUSED and POSITIVE which will also improve their concentration, memory, self-understanding and endurance. Yoga will help overcome so many health problems and improve holistic health and well being.

Yoga, kids and Families

Yoga is one of the most healthy tools to actively engage the whole family together to establish a healthy relationship and profound interests in each others health and well being.

Am I eligible for Kids Yoga Teacher Training?

If you are willing and have a strong desire to help young children through the tools of yoga to improve their holistic well being then yeas you are eligible for the kids yoga teacher training. We will consider you if you are not already a Yoga Teacher but will need to know more about your Yoga experience to date.

Duration and Costs of Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course

The course is 6 days long and we will be running it in two different frameworks. Although you can choose to do only one of these if you do not wish to teach all age groups.

£650 non residential (this includes lunch and teas)

£800 residential (this includes accomodation, breakfast, luch, dinner and teas)


Home work and Assessment

You will need to go back and make a few lesson plans and teach them to Children and write a report, provide feedback from participants/observers and teach a mock session under our observation.

Certification after completion

Childrens yoga teacher training course will be certified by Yoga Alliance UK.

SYLLABUS available here.

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  1. Its true we need to look into improving over all health and well being of young kids and yoga can be really helpful in improving their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

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