Intensive Residential Teacher Training

One Month Intensive Residential Yoga Teacher Training Course

After a long wait now we have decided to run one month intensive residential yoga teacher training course at Yoga Satsanga Ashram.

This Intensive Yoga teacher training course will include following elements of Holistic Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga.

  1. Hatha Yoga- Daily two sessions of Kriya or flow work, asana, mudra, Pranayama, and relaxation techniques. One led by Jnandev or Deepika and one led by students as a practice teaching skills. You will be learning 6 sets of intensive hatha yoga practice for digestive system, skeletal system, pelvic area, general health and well being, hathenas for breathing, loma viloma for energy balance. There will be two intensive Vinyasa and few variations of sun-salutations for physical strength and vital energy, four variation of sun-salutation. You will also learn quite a few classical pranayama and relaxation month residential teacher training
  1. Ashtanga Yoga– a detailed study of Raja Yoga philosophy and its applications in daily life. We will work on eight limbs of yoga and study yoga and its applications from other contemporary scriptures too.
  1. Lesson Planning– You will be teaching your practice sessions and we will give you regular feedback to help improve your teaching skills.
  1. Home Work and Study Time– You will need to do your regular homework and self-study to understand yoga as self-study or introspection.
  1. Bhajans and Mantras– A daily session on bhajans and mantras with Deepika to give you experience of bhakti yoga and its power for cleansing your body, mind and soul.
  1. Cleansing Practices– We will try to teach few cleansing practices like Jala Neti, Bhastrika and Kapalbhati, fasting, and depending on group we would like to teach Shankha Prakshalana –the full intestinal cleanse too.
  1. Mauna– After Satsanga every evening we follow Mauna or silence to give you time and space to digest what you have learned all day.
  1. Anatomy and Physiology– Our physiotherapist will teach basic anatomy and physiology you need to know to be a safe yoga teacher.
  1. Correction and Modification– With each series of postures we will also work on correction and modification so you can help your students.
  1. Karma Yoga- You will be allocated different jobs daily to learn how to be a good karma yogi or yogini without judging.

Click below for the daily typical structure (this is only guideline and will change depending on subject we work on)-

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200hrs yoga teacher training