Prana Yoga Retreat Day

Prana Yoga Retreat Day 8th January 2017

Prana in yoga referes to the purest and subtles form of cosmic, potential, creative, eternal life forces. There are many Hatha Yoga Asana, Kriya, Jattis, Pranayama and Meditation practices to refine, enhance and channel the pranic energies from lower to higher chakras. This new year yoga retreat is designed to have a healthy start to yogic life in 2017 after our festive celebrations.

Yoga Retreat Day Practices-

  1. Jattis and Kriyas- we will be practicing pelnty of jattis and kriyas to release any sort of accumulated blockages in our pranic body and heal the injuries from our physical body.
  2. Vedic Suriya Namaskar- We will follow Vedic suriya namaskar from a very begginers variation to advance variations to open our chakras, cleanse our naris and direct the flow of prana from lower to higher chakras.
  3. Yoga Nidra- Yoga Nidra to refine and balance flow of our pancha-pranas to align our pancha-koshas.
  4. Satsanga- A discussion on importance of Prana healing to impower the Individual health and well being as well as spiritual evolution.
  5. Vegan lunch to nurish our body, mind and soul.

If you are looking to retreat your self with a day of yoga, relaxation, meditation and vegan food, please book your space before its gone.

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