Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training UK

Next Pregnancy, pre-conception and Post-natal Yoga Teacher Training course:

April 23rd – April 29th 2018 (7 day residential intensive)

pregnancy yoga teacher training leaflet

pregnancy yoga teacher training information leaflet

Pregnancy yoga teacher training overview

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training course schedule: 100hrs Yoga Alliance Professionals certified.

Taught at Yoga Satsanga Ashram by its founders Yogacharini Deepika and Yogachariya Jnandev along with other guest teachers (midwife, hypo-birthing practitioner, physiotherapist, breastfeeding counsellor and others)

Pregnancy yoga

We also teach regular classes here at the ashram for pregnant ladies and post-natal work – have a look at our class timetable.

Overview or Teacher training course:

We have created a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course which embraces the ancient yogic perspective of health and well-being for a woman planning pregnancy or going through pregnancy, as well as post-natal work.

Our course will include aspects of ayurvedic diet and yogic lifestyle, specific posture work and pranayamas for each trimester researched by the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research (ICYER), India where we trained.

The course will also include sessions from guest speakers such as a midwife, physiotherapist and hypno-birthing practitioner.

Proposed/typical schedule:



Day 1 (Monday)

Topic: Early Pregnancy

11a.m Arrival and introductions

11:30am Hatha Yoga sequence for early pregnancy and Anuloma viloma Kriya

1pm lunch break

2pm Anatomy and physiology/stages in Pregnancy and general concerns with Cathy Davies

3pm Pranayama – Sukkah rythym and Pranava AUM with mudras and sounds

4- 5:30pm session with Jnandev on vedic / yogic thought on pregnancy


Day 2 (Tuesday)

9:30am arrival and discussion on post natal Yoga

10am Post natal mother and babies class to observe (which runs this time every week at the ashram!)

Topic: Late Pregnancy

11:30am Hatha Yoga for late Pregnancy and Marmanastanam Kriya

1pm lunch break

2pm  – Satsanga with Cathy Davies (Senior Gitananda Yoga Teacher and retired midwife)

3pm Pranayama (Savitri rythym and Brahma mudra)

4pm Satsanga, understanding yoga in context of dealing with mental and emotional changes during pregnancy

5:30pm light supper

6:30pm Pregnancy Class to observe (which runs regularly this time at the Ashram)

7:30pm Holly will give a short presentation on the role of the increasingly popular Doula

8pm close


Day 3 (Weds)

9:30 am Hatha Yoga early pregnancy reviewed and the Anu loma Viloma Kriya

11:30 Pranayama session (The labor or birthing breath)

12:30pm lunch break

2pm: Partner Pregnancy Yoga session

3pm Physiotherapist Caroline presents in depth anatomy and physiology.

5pm: close


Day 4 (Thursday)

9:30am Hatha yoga for late pregnancy reviewed and the Marmanastanam Kriya

11:30am Breastfeeding counselor Sasha presentation ‘why should Pregnancy Yoga Teachers know about Breastfeeding?’

1pm lunch break

2:30pm: yoga therapy and partner yoga- a helpful hand during pregnancy

4pm: planning to Teach Pregnancy Yoga class- lesson plans, self-assessments

5:30 light supper

6:30 ‘live’ Partner yoga class where Pregnant women will come along with their partners.

8pm close



Day-5 (Friday)

Topic: The Post natal mother

9:30am Hatha Yoga sequence for the post natal mother (early post natal period)

11:30 Pranayamas (Brahmari/ Bramahra)

1pm lunch break

2pm: Pregnancy Yoga Teacher’s responsibilities, expectations, skills and abilities, knowledge base, questions and answers session.

3pm Pre-conception cleansing techniques, dietary advice, lifestyle choices, yama and niyama.

4pm – The pre-conception sequence

5:00 close


Day 6 (Saturday)

9:30am: post natal sequence review (for more that 3 months post natal – Aruna Surya Namaskar)

11:30am Pre-conception and post natal practices: kaya kriya and relaxation technique loma-viloma visualization).

1pm lunch

2:30pm Hypnobirthing counselor Heather presentation

4:30 Health and safety and modification of yoga tools for individuals and teaching skills.

5pm close



Day 7 (Sunday)

Topic: Pre-conception

9:30am Pre-conception sequence (loma viloma) and Nadi Jnana Kriya (psychic cleaning)

11:30am Preparing to Teach! Short taster sessions from students.

1pm: Healthy Veggie Lunch with Helen Vegan food consultant and talk on food in Pregnancy and post-natal period.

2pm certificates



Students will fully complete when they have submitted the following:

  • An in depth case study
  • 3 x lesson plans and feedback from your student/s on how it went.
  • Reading over course material provided write a reflective summary/short essay on the months study and own thoughts and experiences.



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