Suriya Namaskar – Sun Salutation

Suriya NamaskarSun Salutation

sun salutationSuriya Namaskar is one of the beautiful classical part of hatha yoga practices. There are many variations of sun-salutation. In Natha and Giri traditions (both with minor variations) a master will instruct his or her disciple into this practice to build their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stamina before the disciple is ready to go further higher in Himalayas for deeper and higher yoga sadhana in solitude.

Physical benefits- Physically this series strengthen our arms, shoulders, back, hips and thighs. It improves core strength. This series helps maintaining the flexibility and mobility of our joints and muscles throughout the body as you move through whole body.

Breath and Mind- One of the key physical benefit is improving our breathing capacity. Whole series is performed as a vinyasa / movement / flow from asana to asana. This helps controlling our breath. Our breath becomes more conscious and hence we can always control our breath to change states of our mind in adverse situations.

Prana Kriya- In some traditions it is also knows as Prana Kriyas as it helps activating and opening our chakras and hence improves our access to pranic energies. As it is performed with breath and awareness and hence cleanses our Naris and improves energy flow throughout Pancha-Koshas.

Chakras- In the series we begin with movement of our arms from base Chakra to Anjali mudra with visualizing opening of all seven lower Chakras and aligning them to higher Chakras as we reach into Anjali mudra.  Then we follow it towards Utakata-Asana and Bhumi-Sparsh as grounding and stabilizing our self as well as drawing the higher energies inward. We follow it again to open upward to Ashwachalana again to raise our energy upward from lower energy points to higher and cosmic or divine energy. This step also expresses strength and bravery to enable us to be able to go inward and be fearless.

It will enhance the energy levels, vitality and improve general sense of well being and body immunity.

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1. Rishikesha Suriya Namaskar

2. Vedic Suriya Namaskar-1

3. Vedic Suriya Namaskar-2

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