The 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course went above and beyond my original expectation, the course material and tutors allowing development of personal and spiritual growth in preparation to teach authentic yoga. I really like the way the course challenged me, increasing my confidence and fully preparing me as a yoga teacher. I am now proud to say I teach a weekly class at the ashram.

Yogachariya Jnavdev and Yogacharini Deepika knowledge and passion is inspirational.

Peter, 200hrs Trained yoga teacher at yoga satsang ashram

Thank you to Jnandev and Deepika! The 200hr teacher training was a wonderful experience, which truly exceeded my expectations. This course delivers a remarkable breadth and scope, covering far more than most comparable teacher trainings. You really get a sense of the substance in this authentic yoga tradition, and while we covered so much material and so many very serious topics, I always felt it was made accessible. This is entirely thanks to the teachers and the programme and space they have created, which is supportive, understanding, and kind – and clearly based on their understanding of yoga in it broadest form. For anyone wishing to deepen their own practice, or develop a teaching practice, I highly recommend this course.

Sasha Kocho-Williams

Doing my 200hrs Teacher Training Course with the Yoga Satsanga Ashram was a true Pleasure. The Teachers Yogachariya Jnandev (Surender) and Yogacharini Deepika ( Sally) have many years’ experience and knowledge in this field . Each month we learnt a different set of asana/postures, a variety of kriya’s and pranayama. We also learnt a variety of visualization and relaxation and meditation techniques. We also sung universal prayers Bhajans and yoga sutra mantra. The Yoga course derives from Richiculture Yoga background, encompassing the eight limbs of yoga based on the Patanjali Yoga sutra. Ashtanga in Sankrit is “Eight -limbs” . These philosophies were taught each month and homework was given on various subjects to deepen our knowledge.

I have been to many yoga classes but I found this School very authentic. The course encompassed all the elements to yoga, to begin to teach. This course was also good for my own self development. I would highly recommend this course.

Monique Campbell

I decided to do the one-year diploma course in order to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga. I feel that this course is truly unique in its delving into yoga as an ancient science of life and as a system of spiritual evolution. Yoga is approached not as a set of postures to be mastered, but as a complete system of purifying one’s body, mind and subtle energy, in order to live out one’s full potential, physically and spiritually. I have been amazed at the depth and subtlety of the teachings given, which include all of the traditional 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga, as taught by Patanjali, as well as teachings from other yogic streams, such as Tantra, Kriya yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, etc. The course also gives the student much insight into Hindu life and culture, incorporating chanting, bhajan singing, informal Indian cooking lessons, and the opportunity to participate in cultural celebrations and rituals. Surender (Jnandev) and Sally (Deepika) together are able to bring together the mystical wisdom of the East with a grounded understanding of the cultural context of Western students. Each lesson in the voluminous course material focuses on a particular theme, with associated asanas, pranayama, and yogic philosophy. This material, written by Surender, is the fruit of his intensive study and immersion in yogic life in India, including several years living as a renunciant monk. It seems to me that the course can be undertaken on many levels, either as an introduction to authentic yoga philospohy and practice, or as the beginning of a profound spiritual journey. Anyone wanting to go beyond superficial concepts of yoga as a way to beautify the body and de-stress will appreciate the depth and beauty of this course, which roots yoga in its ancient purpose– as a system of moral and spiritual development.

–Heather Johnson


Somebody said to me that as a teacher Surender, you were ‘the real thing’, meaning that you are totally authentic because you come from a culture that is yogic. This can also be a drawback if you are teaching westerners. From my tai chi practice and teaching, it seems that there needs to be a synthesis from the study of Buddhism and Taoism in order for it to be taken on board and truly integrated into the western mind. I am and never can be a Chinese hermit or Tibetan monk, but I hope that working with some of those principles help me to become more alive and compassionate, and spiritually attuned.

Teena Gould, www.teenagould.com

“The Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course at YSA was thoroughly enjoyable, engaging, inspiring and provided an excellent grounding for learning how to teach Pregnancy Yoga. Much depth and experience is brought to the course by both it’s leader, Deepika, a mother of three and retired-midwife Cathy, both who teach from a wonderful personal perspective grounded in the traditional teachings of Gitananda Yoga. I’d really recommend this course to any teacher looking to expand their knowledge and engage with women pre and postnatally.”

Helen Wilson

What a good course and such a lovely venue & location. I choose to do this teacher training course in a rural location opposed to London as I was pregnant & also thought it would be nice time out for myself too. So I killed to birds with one stone, picked up skills & knowledge to teach pregnancy yoga and also relaxed, chanting in the afternoons, cooking in the evening and attending yoga sessions. The host / course leader Deepika aka Sally was lovely, very easy going and welcoming and knew her stuff.

The course was interactive & interesting. We did practicals & theory and there was a variety of guests to speak on different topics. Such as hypno birth, vegan cooking, pregnancy physio & breasting feeding. All of which came in very handy for me personally!

To live in on the course and wake up every morning to the view of rolling hills and cattle grazing was what made this course unique and stand out from all the others I had researched. I can defiantly say I would recommend this and it has benefited me and can’t wait to start teaching again, currently taking time out of teaching to take care of my 2 week old baby girl 🙂

Thanks Tracey Allen

After completing the pregnancy yoga course as a pregnant yoga student I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring yoga teacher with an interest in this area. Personally I was able to apply the teaching from the course during the birth of our second daughter and had a much calmer & positive birthing experience. My recovery has also been much quicker! I experienced first hand how powerful yoga can be during your pregnancy, birth and recovery & feel that this Could help empower other pregnant women. Also as a public health practitioner working within the NHS I felt the course was extremely grounding, realistic and had an excellent balance between western medical science and the eastern yoga philosophy… There is a place for both disciplines and this course truly embraces this!

Kerry Morgan

Before I began studying yoga with you only 4 months ago, I was aware of be- ing generally stiff and not being able to touch my toes! I would often pull muscles and felt generally weak. I im- agined yoga was just about stretching, however Surendra has brought to my at- tention how my life style affected this and by making some adjustments such as removing caffeine, alcohol, meat and nicotine has improved my flexibility. I didn’t realize how much toxins I had in my body and my body shape has quickly improved including a reduction in my cellulite. I still indulge a little on weekends, but in the week I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. Also emotionally I feel more stable and am more content with myself, not as insecure as I once was. Now I can touch my toes and want to be able to hold my feet for longer periods and eventually put my head on my knees. I have really enjoyed the retreats at your home especially the cooking and having has a few one to one sessions to help me reach my toes. I am really grateful for having taken up yoga with you and look forward to every class.

Regards Sara

Since starting yoga classes with Surender I feel that I have developed significantly, both physically and emotionally. I have been practising yoga for a few years but only recently have I began to develop a fuller understanding about yoga and it principles. Surender has been a great guide in teaching not only the various postures but also in developing my emotional well being, in that I have become more self aware.

I practise yoga on my own most days now but I really enjoy the the classes and retreats that Surender provides, as they not only help me focus but I am continually learning and developing. I honestly believe that I will always practice yoga for the rest of my days as its such a nice gift to be taught and to develop as an individual from


When I started Surenders yoga class last September, I was in a state of panic, fear, giddiness and anxiety. My digestive system had blown up; as a result I had stopped breathing out comfortably. It’s now midsummer and through re-educating
my mind and body to breath properly and to stretch my body carefully I feel I have gradually returned to being comfortable in my own body and consequently feel happier and stronger in spirit. I try to do yoga classes at least twice a week to keep focused.


Initially I became interested in yoga with a view to longer leaner muscles and general improved flexability.
I began in February this year and already I am reaping the benefits of the yoga discipline. I suffer high blood pressure and the breathing techniques have made me aware that in our ‘normal’ lives we do not breath properly. Surender has taught us to be aware of our posture and breathing and now I find it much easier to ‘let go’ of my stress and lower my blood pressure. Previously my sleep patterns were very poor, with only 4 – 5 hours broken sleep. Now (especially) after a yoga session I enjoy a deep restful sleep that is at least 7 hours. Emotionally, I am feeling much more balanced and this is due to better sleep and yoga.

With thanks Sarah

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