Yoga Care Wales


Chair: Surender Saini

Vice Chair: Shirley Wilczynski

Secretary: Deborah Sheppard

Treasurer: Sally Saini

Board member: Linda Ceri-Jones


Our new Non-profit Organisation in the process of being registered as a COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY (CIC) was officially launched on October 25th 2014 at Yoga Satsanga Ashram. Our vision is to get Yoga out there to those people whose lives could benefit tremendously because of it!  We know the huge benefits of Yoga and are passionate about sharing it with those who would perhaps not usually be able to make it to a class for whatever reason.  We want to make Yoga accessible to all and let everyone experience it!

This has been inspired following a series of government funded courses (via engagement gateways funding with thanks to Greenlinks Organisation) that we were able to run for individuals who were out of work due to health conditions. The results for many of the participants were life changing in such a positive way that we felt it was important to be able to continue to run courses of a similar nature to as many people as we can for the benefit of all. We hope to be able to raise the funds to be able to run more successful projects.

Our particular specialties and current areas of focus are:

  • Children: Improving self-confidence, motivation, concentration, ability to relax, proper breathing and healthy positive attitudes to life and its challenges.
  • Those with physical disabilities: Improve range of movement through gentle and safe yogic practices, proper breathing, increase self-confidence, positive outlook, increase energy and stamina levels in a step by step approach.
  • Anxiety and depression: through the use of various Yogic pranayamas, relaxation techniques and asana work to release traumas and work through issues through working with the body, using self reflection and increasing self awareness.


We welcome any feedback, help or involvement from those who wish to get involved and look forward to some exciting new projects to create a better future and a better world together.



To benefit:

Children and Young people of all abilities, including those with additonal learning needs and behavioural / emotional difficulties.


Adults with various barriers to work/learning such as mental health issues, drug/alcohol abuse and those with work limiting health conditions.


Older people with emotional and physical issues affecting their quality of life and general well-being.



Yoga Care Wales CIC will work with the education and health sectors and also independently to develop programmes using various Yoga techniques to support children and young people in order to help them cope with emotional/behavioural difficulties. Consequently enabling them to move forward in their lives.

The ultimate aim and benefit to the community is that young people will be helped to reach their full potential and those who are at risk of exclusion will be helped to re-engage with education through the calming and stress reducing benefits of yoga.


To support adults and older people with various barriers to work/ learning / quality of life. This will be achieved by providing opportunities to improve their physical, mental and emotional health through the practices of various Yoga techniques.


Yoga Care Wales CIC will work independently and with organisations who support adults and older people to introduce yoga techniques to reduce stress and improve general health and well being.

The benefit to the community is that these individuals will gain increased self confidence through improved health, flexibility and strength and reduced loneliness and isolation. This will enable them to live their lives to the fullest potential.


Update: Following communication with the Companies House the name of this proposed CIC will be changed to ‘HOLISTIC YOGA CARE WALES’ upon registration.

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