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Yoga Teacher Training Courses, UK

If you have come to a point in your life where you feel you want to take the step towards becoming a Yoga Teacher we appreciate there is a great deal ‘out there’ in this day and age under the name of Yoga.

To try to simply explain our ‘style’ we would try to emphasise to you the seeker or yoga Sadhak that we are a traditional authentic – Classical school of Hatha Yoga.  This incorporates many aspects of what Yoga is, not only Asana practice but also and firstly Yamas and Niyamas (moral and ethical observances), Pranayama (energy work through the breath) is a particularly large and important part of our Paramparai, Jnanayoga kriyas (visualisation practices and relaxation techniques) Karma Yoga (selfless action or work for others).  You will find our courses are very in-depth, so much so that we often have already qualified Yoga Teachers come and learn with us.

We recommend if you want to learn with us you arrange a taster day on one of our existing courses first to experience (please email us for this  If you are looking for a course that teaches only asana we are not for you.  We want students to understand the vast science that yoga is, that incorporates all aspects of our life.

Our courses are almost all residential (except for our Bristol based course but still we spend some time at the ashram) as we try to give the full ‘ashram’ experience to be immersed in the teachings and practices as much as possible.

This course can be and is a life changing experience for many, but it is something you should be prepared and open to look inside yourself, study and practice sincerely.

yoga coures UK

Yogacharini Deepika and Yogachariya Jnandev

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, West Wales, UK is authentic Rishiculture  (Gitananda) Yoga Centre based in Wales, UK run by Yogachariya Jnandev (born in India and practicing yoga since childhood and teaching since 2002) and Yogacharini Deepika practising yoga for more then 20 years and teaching since 2004. At Yoga Satsanga Ashram is fully accredited school by British Wheel of Yoga, UK and Yoga Alliance, UK.

Please download our booklet for information on our different courses and syllabus:


Below are the upcoming dates for the following courses run by Yoga Satsanga Ashram, UK:
  • Yoga step by step foundation course, June 2017 (full)
  • 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, based at ashram, wales, Oct 2017-18 (full)
  • 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training,  July 2017-19 (full)
  • 200hrs One Month Intensive Yoga Teacher Training, residential, June  2018 (taking applications)
  • Pregnancy, post and pre conception Yoga Teacher Training (for midwives, doulas,  and health workers) 23rd April – 29th April 2018  (taking applications)
  • Childrens and teens Yoga Teacher Training August 2018 (taking applications)
  • 200 hours 1 year Yoga Teacher Training – October 2018 (taking applications)
  • Foundation / step by step Yoga course – October 2018 (taking applications)

BWY certified 300hrs / YAP certified 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training (One Year)


This course is usually spread over 12 residential weekends over one year period. You will learn a set or series of hatha yoga, pranayama and relaxation techniques to follow daily which changes every month. You will also study Ashtanga (the eight limbs) yoga philosophy, basics of yoga in other scriptures such as the Hatha yoga pradipika, anatomy and physiology and yoga teaching skills during this course.  This course is as much as to develop your personal yoga practice as well as achieving understanding of hatha yoga for your yoga teaching through personal experience to become a good yoga teacher. For the full overview and all dates click here.

Yoga Teacher Training, UK for more details click here

Current 200 hours course:

(please note if you are a prospective student it may be possible to attend a taster day on an existing course)

Module: Dates venue
 1  6th – 7th October 2018  Ashram
 2  3rd – 4th November  Ashram
 3  1st – 2nd December  Ashram
 4 &5  11th-14th January 2019  Ashram
 6  1st – 4th March  Ashram
 7  6th – 7th April  Ashram
 8 and 9  2nd  – 5th May  Ashram
 10  1st and 2nd June  Ashram
 11 and 12  4th – 7th July  Ashram


Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (100 hrs/ 7 days Yoga Alliance Proffessionals certified)

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training is for trained Yoga Teachers and Mid-wives to help them develop extra skills to teach pre and post natal yoga as well as pregnancy yoga classes. This course looks at modifications and several sequences suitable fro different trimesters, along with relaxation and pranayama/breathing techniques to assist the pregnant woman in all stages of pregnancy. The course is run by Deepika and Jnandev plus guest speaker, physiotherapist, midwife, doula, breasfeeding counsellor and hypnobirthing specialist.

contact us for the full syllabus

 Starts Ends:  Venue
April 23rd 2018 April 29th 2018  Ashram


Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Children (module 1) and Teens (module 2) Yoga Teacher Training (100hrs)

Module: Dates Venue
1 and 2 14th – 19th August 2018 Ashram


Kids yoga teacher training is for yoga teachers, school teachers or those who has interests in teaching yoga to kids to help our new generation to be healthy and balanced. This course will enable you to develop yoga teaching skills to teach yoga to toddlers, school kids and teens.

For the full overview and dates click here.

Yoga Therapy 2 year 1000 hours course

Our Next Course starts: Septembert 2019 (residential 4 day blocks every 3 months)

Contact us to book your space-01437562200 or email- (NB: the 500 hours is a rolling programme and you can join at any point to subject to accommodation availability.

This is a 2 Year long advanced yoga teacher training course if you are looking into a more in depth study and practice of yoga from its roots. This course covers Hatha Yoga modifications enabling you to teach yoga to all levels including yoga students with physical limitations as well as the advanced hatha yoga asanas for the more strong and flexible bodies. Includes an in- depth study of classical and Gitananda Pranayama and sadhana for clearing your mind and attaining a quiet and still mind. Practical and applied yoga philosophy is included and study of several yogic scriptures and sanskrit to understand roots of yoga and its applications in daily life. Many other aspects are studied for the full overview / syllabus please email

500hrs Yoga Teacher Training UK, click here for more details

One month 200 hours intensive – split into 2 parts:

START: June 19th – July 2nd 2018

then a two month break for study and practice

COMPLETE: September 17th – September 30th 2018

modules covered  Dates and venue
 Modules 1-6  June 19th – July 2nd 2018 at the Ashram
 modules 7 – 12  September 17th – September 30th 2018

(Ashram in Wales or Ashram in Portugal)

1 Year Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Modules: Dates
1 October 5th-6th 2018
2 November 2nd-3rd
3 December1st-2nd
4 January 5th – 6th 2018
5 February 2nd – 3rd
6 &7 March 2nd – 3rd
8 April 6th – 7th
9 May 4th – 5th
10 June 1st – 2nd
11 & 12 4th – 7th July


Yoga Step by Step / foundation Yoga course


Our courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and/or the British Wheel of Yoga who we are a registers EAG with.

Yoga alliance professionals

British wheel of Yoga