yoga videos

Rishiculture Vinyasa– A set of Kriyas and Postures to work through our body, and mind; strengthen and refine our vital energies; gain complete health and well being; develop will power and self confidence.

Danada Kriya – a vinyasa or set of postures with breathing to stretch and stimulate all parts of spine and lungs.

Aruna Suriya Namaskar- a vinyasa or set of postures offering salutation to sun or solar energy and invoking solar or bio-energy within ourselves. 

A simple introduction to some partner yoga postures for grounding, stability, trust and energy aligning.

A simple variation or Rishikesh Suriya Namaskar being used by rishis from ancient time to prepare for sadhana and solitude in Himalayas.

Pranava or OM sounds with mudras with Deepika

An introduction to Twisting series of postures